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With industry-leading materials such as COLORBOND® Steel, Zincalume® Steel and Truecore® Steel, we supply and deliver the best quality steel sheds in Australia. Best of all, you get a range of colour options to suit any residential, commercial or rural setting. We partner with BlueScope Steel®, which provides us with all of the great materials for our purpose-built steel sheds.

For our customers, that means the most durable materials, the best engineering, and the biggest choice. We only use materials we trust, and that’s why we count on BlueScope Steel®.

Colorbond Steel

No matter what colour you want for the walls, roof and doors on your shed, COLORBOND® has the perfect solution. The classic COLORBOND® steel range features over 20 colour choices inspired by the Australian landscape. For something a little different, you can even check out the COLORBOND® steel matt range, giving you even more choice than ever before.

For heavy-duty applications, such as areas near breaking surf or industrial settings, we can also access COLORBOND® Stainless Steel or COLORBOND® Ultra Steel. So, not only do you have plenty of colour choice, but you can even choose fit-for-purpose steel that ensures the longevity of your shed.

Zincalume Steel

Zincalume® steel roof sheeting is a popular, hard-wearing product used in several of our sheds. It offers great adaptability to a range of building designs, which is why recommend Zincalume® steel for a lot of commercial, industrial and custom steel sheds.

Featuring a steel base, a microstructure of aluminium, zinc and magnesium alloy coated steel, and a clear resin coating, Zincalume® steel is built to handle even the heaviest conditions, whether it be from the climate or from industrial operations inside the shed.

Best of all, Zincalume® steel offers a cost-effective solution, which is why we’re proud to offer it as a choice for our customers.

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